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Nobody get’s complaints out of the blue. We will find out what factors are hindering your recovery. Even when you are not experiencing any problems, we are here to help. We are convinced that gaining insights into the way that you move will have a long-term benefit. This will result in you being able to work, play sports and carry out your daily activities without any problems.

To get a full picture of the origin of your complaints we will take plenty of time during the intake to map all factors that influence your physical functioning. This results in a specific exercitie programme in combination with condition creating manual therapy

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What we offer

physio and manual therapy

Recover is the key. We still stimulate this with specific exercises combined with manual therapy

Physical support

Prevention is better than cure. If you understand how you move, you can prevent physical problems..


if you prefer biking without any physical problems


Since June 2023, sports massage will also be offered in our practice by Floor Fit and Vitaal. During her studies in Groningen, Floor Hoevers also trained in sports massage with which she supported various cycling teams and a local skating association. For more information about the costs or to make an appointment, you can contact her using her website or sent us an message message.

Are you 65+ and do you want to stay fit?Then we are here to help you. Wageningen University, in collaboration with the UMC, has developed the lifestyle intervention Promuscle that aims to build muscle mass through a combination of strength training and extra protein intake. With the aim of preventing sarcopenia (muscle mass loss) and thereby maintaining self-reliance. Interest? Feel free to contact us.

Rina (74 years of age) participated in a ProMuscle group. She wanted to gain more energie and muscle strength. 12 weeks of support from a physiotherapist and dietitian. With an surprising result. Lees hier verder

Ben jij net zo gek op fietsen zoals wij? Of wil je juist gaan uitproberen hoe leuk dit is. Goed op je fiets zitten is hierbij belangrijk om blessures te voorkomen. Daarom zullen wij (hopelijk medio januari) bikefitting gaan uitvoeren. Door onze achtergrond als manueel therapeuten en vervend fietsers beschikken wij over de kennis en middelen om te zorgen dat jij blessure vrij kan fietsen.

Do you love cycling as much as we do? Or do you want to try out how much fun this is. Sitting well on your bike is important to prevent injuries. That is why we will carry out bike fitting. Because of our background as manual therapists and avid cyclists, we have the knowledge and resources to ensure that you can cycle injury-free.

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*We are situated in sportscentre Mylife. You do not have to be a member of the sports centre to be treated by us. However, we can use the sports facilities that are available at Mylife to help you recover as well as possible.