Welcome on our website! Your first step to painfree movement.

We are here to help you find a comfortable movement pattern.

Nobody get’s complaints out of the blue. We will find the factors that hinder your recovery. Even when you experience no complaints we are here to help. We are convinced that insight in your way of movement decreases the amount of complaints. This results in complaint free work, sports or daily activities.

To get a full picture of the origin of your complaints we will take plenty of time during the intake to map all factors that influence your physical functioning. This results in a specific exercitie programme in combination with condition creating manual therapy

Wat hebben wij te bieden

Fysieke begeleiding

Cover staat voor preventie, door inzicht te krijgen in jou manier van bewegen voorkom je klachten

Fysio/ manuele therapie

Recover staat voor herstel, en dit stimuleren wij middels specifieke training en eventuele manuele behandeling.


Voordat je gaat inspannen is het goed om in kaart te brengen hoe je huidige functionele status is.

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