Do you experience complaints while cycling? We'll help you get rid of it. By performing an intake and an additional bike fitting, we map out your posture and way of moving. If necessary, we will immediately adjust your bike so that you can immediately use our advice. Interested? Then contact us right now! contact us!

Hoe ziet een bikefit eruit?

fysiek onderzoek tijdens bikefit

During a bikefit we don't only analyse your posture on the bike. We are convinced that understanding your physical abilities will result in a perfect fit on the bike. Analysing only your body composition as what mostly is done at commercial bikefits aren't coering the whole paccage. Due to our background as specialists in motion we will identify any physical point of interest during the physical analysis and translate them into an advice on what the most suitable cycling position is for you. A limited knee extension for example will restrict the sadle height.

After the physical analysis, we will look at your current position on the bike. This can be done on a racing bike, gravel bike or MTB bike. We use a camera analysis system with which we can immediately map the angles of your body.

what are the costs of an bikefit?

Intake, research, dynamic bicycle measurement, reporting and adjustment of the bike (max 2.5 hours fit)

295 euro incl vats

excluding adjustment of the bike (max 1 hour and 45 minutes fit)

250 euro incl vats

Good cycling posture often starts with the basics. Where do you transfer the power from your body to the bike? At the point where your feet are stuck on the pedal. A correctly adjusted position of the cleat that suits your posture is therefore a requirement. You can easily adjust the cleats correctly yourself. If you have any doubts, we are happy to help you. Because not all foot complaints can be solved with the correct position of a plate, simply because you need other support in your shoe, we will advise you to contact sports podiatrist Michiel Luttikhuis from PodoGelderland.

Adjusting cleats 35 euro incl vats