When physical complaints arise within your moving functioning, this can lead to limitations in your daily life. The body has an enormous restorative capacity. If complaints develop, this is often because the recovery is inhibited or even counteracted. Together with you, we at Recover Physiotherapy will unravel the cause of the development of your complaints in order to allow your body to recover.

We are convinced that a large part of the complaints are maintained by structurally adapted movement. By not treating the symptoms like many physiotherapists, but by providing insight into the problem, you stimulate recovery. You can also prevent the complaints from arising again. That is why we offer treatment packages with which we can ensure that within the pre-agreed treatment process you develop the control that is necessary to be able to move without complaints.

But even if you do not experience any complaints, we are there for you. Are you planning to take on a physical challenge and do you want to know that your body can handle this without any problem? We provide insight into what you can do to keep moving without complaints. This way we can help to build up the tax in a structured way. We also map out your way of moving so that targeted exercises can prevent injuries.

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